"Bench" - Homeless drunk

"The Old Hut" - Father/son scene

"The Intern" - The Boss

Actor (SAG-AFTRA-Eligible), Albuquerque, NM

"Bennie" - Angel??

"Radost" - Mr. Morton, The Ringmaster

Gunslingers - Keets Foreman

"The Rattlesnake Kid" - Cast


Production Stills

"Limelight" - Rock Group Tour Manager; Ray

The Night Shift - Mr. Simpson getting defibrillated

Bad Situation - George (The Grim Reaper)

"Proof" - Father/daughter scene

Daniel Grochowski

"Radost" - Mr. Morton's heart attack

"Lay Down and Die" by On Your Doorstep - Emotionless Man

Gunslingers - Keets Foreman

Better Call Saul - Traveler)

"The Backroom" - Tough Guy

"The Love is Dead Time Travel Club" - Impatient Man.

"The Process of Seeing Yourself" - Antique Shop Owner